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  • Welcome to ELMARK STORE!


    ELMARK GROUP Ltd. is registered international brand chain of stores, specializing in the sale and distribution of electrical products, lighting, tools and supplies. More than 15 years in this sector, we provide reliable customer service and flexible solution using e-portal.    

    ELMARK GROUP Ltd. is a leading distributor of electrical and lighting products for business and end users. The main purpose of ELMARK GROUP Ltd. is to provide and ensure a wide range of products with exclusive value, delivered by reliable, efficient and easy to service model of trade.  

    We provide a products of Bulgarian and International manufacturers, suitable for professionals and for anyone who like “Do It Yourself” solutions. The variety that offers e-platform is an attractive place for designers and gives solutions for home renovation and creation of comfort and security.


    Established Brands

    The brands of leading manufacturers and suppliers provide a high quality, reliability and the highest level of customer service.

    Our portfolio includes well-known brands as: ELMARK, Stellar. The products are certified according to all European requirements and have a proper documentation.

    Our customers have the opportunity to use a quality products and an exclusive offers in an electrical and lighting solutions.

    We give you the choice!   


    We guarantee a customer satisfaction.

    Our professional team process your orders quickly and substantially using a modern technologies and efficient operational procedures.

    We will be happy to assist you. Contact us by phone: 0330 124 0254 or by e-mail: uk-orders@elmarkstore.eu

    The e-portal http://uk.elmarkstore.eu/ is administered by ELMARK GROUP Ltd.

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