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LED Lighting

LED lighting

LED lighting has quickly grown from an incredible and unique innovation on the lighting product market to something that is present almost everywhere in the home and in industry. Excellent light quality, long life and energy efficiency leading to significant cost savings are well-known advantages of LED lighting that make it a preferred form of lighting for an increasing number of households and businesses. But some aspects of this type of lighting product are not so clear to the general public. See below for some interesting and useful facts about LED lighting. You will also find out why the lighting products offered by ELMARK are the best option for your premises and spaces and what distinguishes our offers from other similar products on the market.

Interesting facts about LED lighting

There is a direct dependence between the colour of the lighting and the production materials used: in fact, products in the earliest LED lighting ranges were illuminated in three basic colours - red, green and blue. Different materials are used to obtain each of these colours. Red LED lights, for example, were created using elements like aluminium and gallium. White LED lights were invented later as a result of combining the light from the original three-colour lighting units. Today LED lighting has a much larger colour palette that can meet the requirements and tastes of every user.

LED lighting 1

LED lighting - 1

LED lighting provides additional light emission benefits: a major advantage of LED lighting over conventional appliances is that it lights up immediately to its maximum brightness. You will get the desired amount of light without having to wait for the lamp to warm up. In addition, the light of individual LED lighting units can be directed both to the room as a whole or to a particular point in it.

LED lighting 2

LED lighting - 2

LED lighting is often described as "green" or "environmentally friendly": there are several reasons for this. Firstly, unlike ordinary fluorescent lamps, LED lights contain no mercury vapour, which is harmful to the environment and to human health. Appliances in this category are made of completely safe materials that are harmless to the natural environment of life on our planet. Combined with the fact that LED lights can be recycled, they make an ideal choice for a modern environmentally aware consumer who wants to contribute to protecting the environment.

LED lighting 3

LED lighting - 3

As well as basic lighting, LED lighting is also used as home decoration: LED lighting is often used to highlight particular interior features or create the desired atmosphere in a room. It can be mounted on the wall, around the bed, near staircases, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and so on. The most suitable units for these purposes are LED downlights, LED strips and some of the lighting units available in the ELMARK assortment.

LED lighting 4

LED lighting - 4

LED lighting fits perfectly into the urban environment: parks and alleys, fountains and cultural monuments, buildings and facades - all these spaces and buildings acquire a much more beautiful, impressive and unique appearance after LED lighting is installed. It is eminently suitable for outdoor events and celebrations and for parties and special evening meals in bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.).

LED lighting 5

LED lighting - 5

Why choose ELMARK LED lighting?

1. ELMARK LED lighting, a rich and varied range: the ELMARK online store has a wide variety of LED lighting equipment including lamps, downlights, panels, strips, spotlights, profiles and many more LED products. With ELMARK lighting products you can adapt the lighting to the characteristics of the room or space and carry out an individual project that meets your needs and requirements.

LED lighting 6

LED lighting - 6

2. ELMARK LED Lighting: proven quality; we offer the best products from the catalogue of the leading lighting equipment manufacturer and distributor in South-East Europe. ELMARK is constantly refining and adapting its product range to the quality and functionality requirements of modern users and to the latest safety requirements. ELMARK LED lighting products will ensure excellent results in the home, office or outdoors.

LED lighting 7

LED lighting - 7

3. LED Lighting by ELMARK: fast and affordable delivery when you order an item from the LED lighting or any other category in ELMARK’s online store. Delivery is free to your chosen address. See the full terms and conditions here

LED lighting

Interesting facts about LED

lighting Why choose ELMARK LED lighting?

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