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Wall mounted fixtures

Bracket lights

Bracket lights: if you have not heard this term, it may raise an eyebrow when you hear about it. Bracket lights are small lighting units attached to a vertical body, usually a wall.

They are very suitable for wall decoration and both interior and outdoor decoration.

If you have come across this page, you clearly want to get this type of lighting unit.

We at Elmark Holding are ready to help you with this challenging task and to guide you in finding the perfect bracket lights for your needs, a huge variety of which you can find at our online store.

What are bracket lights?

As already mentioned, bracket lights are lighting units mounted on vertical bodies, usually walls.

Apart from being purely practical, they are aesthetically pleasing and add great style to your interior, no matter in what room in your home they are installed.

What distinguishes the bracket lights from ordinary night lights and wall lamps is the fact that they connect directly to the wiring system of your home, not through sockets and plugs.

You therefore have to plan in advance where you want to place your bracket lights if you are moving into a new home or renovating your present one.

Otherwise you will need to carry out additional repairs to connect the bracket lights to your home wiring system.

Bracket lights 1
Bracket lights - Get from us!

Uses of bracket lights

These lighting fixtures are multifunctional and can provide both both basic lighting and additional lighting to highlight something in your room: an item of furniture, an object, etc.

Bracket lights have a number of advantages over traditional lighting fixtures that we know from our everyday life: mainly lamps and chandeliers.

The reason is that bracket lights have a unique ability to optimise light and light scatter, making them the perfect additional light source.

This is especially important in today's apartments, where space is limited and the use of massive hanging lighting fixtures is neither comfortable nor practical.

Another advantage of these bracket lights is that they contribute a great deal to creating a pleasant and cosy atmosphere in your home.

Their shape and location allow you to wallets highlight particular items of furniture: you can draw your guests' attention to your fabulous sofa, your beautiful painting or a uniquely painted flower vase that brings unique beauty to your home. The options are endless.

Bracket lights 2
Bracket lights - Buy from us!

Are bracket lights suitable for outdoor installation?

This is the first question asked by people who have bracket lights in their home and are pleased with their practicality, functionality and aesthetics.

The answer is yes, there are suitable brackets for outdoor installation and they are widely used.

Very often, these bracket lights are fitted on building facades, fences, in houses, entrances, restaurants, cafés, etc.

Variations available on the market include bracket lights without an integrated light source and LED bracket lights.

Brakcet lights available at Elmark online stores come in a variety of shapes, capacities and colour temperatures to suit your needs.

Can bracket lights be used in wet rooms?

Another issue that concerns many people who are satisfied with bracket lights at home. As with the previous question, the answer here is also yes.

The main concern is that all kinds of lighting and electrical appliances are vulnerable to moisture in wet rooms, mainly bathrooms.

This concern is quite normal, but unnecessary in this case: contemporary bracket lights are made to be waterproof and are well protected against moisture and water ingress.

This in no way detracts from their properties and they can be used in the bathroom in the same way as in other rooms in the house. They bring cosiness, tranquility and good looks to your bathroom.

Bracket lights 3
Bracket lights - Quality and accessibility

How to choosel the right bracket lights for your home

After reading the above, you may already be unsure which model to choose and how it will fit into the interior of your home. We will try to guide you to the best model for you that will meet your needs in full.

In our online store you can find a wide range of indoor bracket lights and our best models include decorative traditional bracket lights with glass diffusers and with LED lights and bracket lights made of crystal.

When choosing a model, you should first consider in which room in your home this lighting unit is needed.

They can of course be fitted in any room, but the type of room and its main purpose are important for the end result.

With regard to furniture and objects, you will have no difficulty: bracket lights can be placed on dining room dressers, next to bedside tables (including by children's beds), in corridors and hallways, over sinks, mirrors and paintings and near mirrors. As you can see, they can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Bracket lights are also very suitable for the dining room, especially for creating atmosphere and dining. Lighting in most dining rooms is mainly provided by ceiling mounted lighting fixtures (chandeliers/hanging lamps). In most cases there is no problem with these lighting units and they provide the light required for the table, which is the main focus in any dining room.

The problem is there is often not enough light around the rest of the room, which gives rise to unwanted shadows. Bracket lights contribute substantially to solving this problem, making up for the lack of light in these areas.

Like the dining room, the living room has similar lighting problems. Bracket lights will not only get rid of dark areas and shadows in the living room, but will also help to highlight important items in the living room such as panels, furniture and decorative items.

Bracket lights are particularly useful for bedrooms. They give a soft, sleep-inducing light that creates the cosy and peaceful atmosphere you need for sound and refreshing sleep.

Nor should we forget the corridor as well: - this is where your guests get the first impression of you and your home.

For your guests to feel cosy and welcome, softer light is recommended. Bracket lights do an excellent job of providing this subdued lighting.

No matter where you need bracket lights, they are sure to do a great job in providing perfect lighting.

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Bracket lights - Take a look at us!

Bracket lights

What are bracket lights?

Uses of bracket lights

Are bracket lights suitable for outdoor installation

Can bracket lights be used in wet rooms

How to choosel the right bracket lights for your home

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