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The Customer of the webstore is entitled to claim in the following cases:

- Incongruity of ordered product

- Missing product

- Defective product

For incongruity of the ordered products with the received ones or identify the missing products shall be claims on the day of receiving the order. Otherwise the products will be count as accepted from the customer.

In case of timely and reasonable claim of incongruity, ELMARK GROUP Ltd. shall replace the products with no extra charge to the customer. The shipping cost of returning the products are borne by ELMARK GROUP Ltd.

In case of missing products, ELMARK GROUP Ltd. may offer an alternative product of equal value or another one of the same kind. ELMARK GROUP Ltd. shall refund the appropriate amount, if the customer refuses the replacement of the missing product. The shipping cost is borne by ELMARK GROUP Ltd.

Claims of defective product shall be presented upon finding, but not later than the expiry of the warranty.

In this case the customer shall send us an e-mail with copy of receipt or invoice, order number and pictures of the product. After confirmed the reclamation by ELMARK GROUP Ltd., the customer can claim for full refund, discount or replacement of the product with alternative one. The shipping cost is borne by ELMARK GROUP Ltd.

If within 30 days from confirmation of the reclamation, the customer does not choose one of the three options, ELMARK GROUP Ltd. has the rights to dispose of the product and does not need to refund any amounts.

If the claim is refused, ELMARK GROUP Ltd. will send an e-mail to the customer.

Contacts for Exchanges: e-mail: uk-orders@elmarkstore.eu / phone: 0330 124 0254

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