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Signal devices

Signal lights

Signalling devices are unlike other electrical equipment available on the market because they are mainly used for providing signals during emergencies and cases of urgency.

This means that their use is crucial for society to function properly.

In the Elmark Online Store you will find a wide range of signalling devices such as warning lights, sirens, signal columns, etc.

See below for information about the different types of signalling devices and how they are used, along with some helpful tips for you.

If you intend to buy such signalling devices or just want to find out more, you have come to the right place.

What are signal lights?

Signal lights and signalling devices in general are used to produce alarms. They are most commonly used on stationary machinery, vehicles and indication and control systems.

Depending on their manufacture, signal lights can flash or rotate with a reflector, or they may have a siren attached to them.

Signal lights can be fixed in several different ways, usually by means of a fixed mounting on the machine or vehicle using screws or magnetically mounted on control panels or switchboards.

Purpose of signal lights

The main purpose of most signal lights is to produce easily visible alarms to alert people to any danger or to unusual vehicle movements when used for traffic control.

For example, signal lights can be used in exceptional vehicles (platforms, excavators, heavy machinery) or law enforcement vehicles (police vehicles).

Signal lights are also important in the building industry, ensuring the safety of workers and everybody on the building site.

Sectors where signal lights are most commonly used

Now that you have found out a little more about the nature and use of signal lights, here is some more information about where and in what sector signal lights and devices are most commonly used. These include:

  • Transport
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Law enforcement

The building industry is probably the largest sector in which signal lights and devices are used.

Heavy machinery and all construction machinery and vehicles involved in the building process are equipped with signals to indicate their exceptional mode of movement or their large volume and mass, or simply to warn other road users or workers on the building site.

Needless to say, signal lights significantly improve safety in building work, especially on large-scale construction projects.

Signal lights are also widely used by the official authorities, particularly the police, medical assistance services and the fire department.

These three institutions use both light and sound signals in combination with the exceptional driving mode for their vehicles.

Transport is another sector that relies on signal lights. For example, breakdown recovery lorries have warning lights to let other road users know when they are carrying an abnormal load, i.e. a vehicle.

Elmark signalling devices can also be used in the firefighting systems of most buildings, essentially alarm bells, which you can also find in this category.

The alarm bells we offer come with a fire alarm button. Both items are used in fire-fighting systems in buildings and their primary purpose is to raise the alarm in the event of fire.

Types of signalling devices

In addition to signal lights, there are many other types of signalling devices, some described above.

In the Elmark Online Store you can find a wide range of signalling devices and we will try to give you a closer look at some of them.

Sirens are signalling devices that use sound to draw attention. Our online store offers sirens with a sound volume reaching 120dB. These signalling devices can operate at between -20 and +70 oC. Sirens are mainly mounted on walls or ceilings.

Signal columns are a type of signalling device that differs from ordinary signal lamps in that it has a varied colour range. Our online store also offers signal columns combined with sirens, which emit both light and sound alarms. Signal columns can be purchased in combinations of up to 5 colours including red, blue, yellow, white and green.

Alarm bells, as already noted, are signalling devices mainly intended for fire and alarm systems. They are usually mounted on walls or ceilings and their volume can be up to 120dB. In the event of fire or other incidents or just severe weather (if the bell is fitted outdoors), you can rely on these signalling devices as they can operate at temperatures from -20 °C to +70 °C.

It is also worth mentioning our signal lights, which come in several colours and with various technical specifications.

These are usually made of plastic, with the cover made of UV resistant polycarbonate. Like our other products, signal lights can operate in extreme temperatures.

Also worth mentioning is the 1A gG external circuit breaker, which protects against short circuits and withstands a 6000V pulse voltage.

Browse this category for further information and product specifications that we offer in our online store.

Tips for buying signal lights

Here are some free but useful tips to guide you in buying the right signal lights for your business.

Firstly, depending on your business, ask what kind of signalling devices you are allowed to use and what colour they should be.

Then note the specifications of your machines or vehicles to find out exactly what device will be compatible with your vehicle.

Last but not least, look at the major manufacturers in the industry and focus only on proven ones. We believe that manufacturers like Elmark have stood the test of time with their quality and their affordable products for consumers and businesses.

Price is also important in your choice, but you should not be led by this alone. Consider what you will get, not just how much money you will spend.

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