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LED Furniture

Illuminated furniture

You may have heard of illuminated furniture or this may be the first time you come across this term.

In either case, here at the Elmark online hardware and accessories shop we will introduce you in a little more in depth to this type of furniture, its operation, its main uses and its different types.

If you are intrigued by the idea of illuminated furniture for your garden or have just come across it and want to know a little more, you will find it here.

What is illuminated furniture?

The name of the product speaks for itself: it is furniture that emits light, most often by means of LED technology.

This furniture is made of resin and its varieties range from bar counters to lamps.

It is important to note that most luminous furniture is made in pure white to provide optimum and neutral light. However, coloured furniture is also available, as you can see in the Elmark online store.

Where is illuminated furniture mostly used?

Illuminated furniture can be used in many parts of the home, both indoors and outdoors.

However, there are certain places where this illuminated illuminating furniture fits best: gardens and terraces.

The reason is that most illuminated furniture is designed for outdoor use and its lighting function makes it perfect for evening parties in the garden or on the terrace.

But this this type of furniture is not only suitable for the home. It is much more widely used.

Illuminated furniture is used for offices, bars, discos and all kinds of restaurants and cafés. Moreover, with the LED modular bars you will see in this category, any bar or club can provide its visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Different types of illuminated furniture

There is a wide variety of illuminated furniture, and even only in our online store will you find a wide range of products to meet your every need. Our most valuable items include:

  • LED modular bars;
  • LED corner units;
  • LED bars;
  • LED sofas;
  • LED decorative lamps;
  • LED armchairs;
  • LED tables;
  • LED plant pots;
  • LED decorative posts;
  • LED bottle displays;
  • LED wall lights.
  • Bar chairs.

As you can see for yourself, there is a wide choice and only you set the limits. However, there are different variations of the furniture we have listed. Our illuminated furniture has a wide variety of uses, both in the home and in the working environment.

LED modular bars, for example, are a great choice for restaurants, bars, restaurants or even gardens. They are made of resin and are neutral in colour. Their light source is an LED light in the BGBW colour range.

LED corner units have similar characteristics and they go together with the LED bars and LED tables in our selection to create perfectly structured furniture suitable for parties and dinners. Another great addition to this selection is our bar stools that perfectly match the tables or even the bar.

Are you looking for an effective way to liven up and breathe style into your office or lobby? If so,Elmark’s LED sofas are a great choice for your needs. Not only are they elegant and stylish, they can breathe new life into your space.

Made of resin in a neutral warm white colour, they are the perfect solution for places where people have to sit and wait. The light source, as always, is an LED and the colour temperature is excellent at 3000 K.

Another suitable furniture item to decorate your office is our decorative LED lamp which, like the illuminated sofa, is made of neutral-coloured resin and emits warm white light.

LED armchairs are the perfect finish for this furniture and will complement your sofa and decorative lamp in an amazing way, creating a great atmosphere for your staff and guests.

If you are a gardening enthusiast, we have something to surprise you: LED plant pots. This great accessory will not only accommodate your plant, but also give it an incredible look with its LED lighting and RGBW colours. In addition, the material used to make these plant pots is thermoplastic, ensuring the well-being of your plant.

If you have an alley or walkway in your garden, we definitely recommend buying a decorative LED post not only to mark the boundary of your alley, but also to give it a unique atmosphere.

Are you enthusiastic about wine or other quality drinks? Do you have a wide selection of bottles that you like to show to people? If so, you will like the next suggestion: our LED bottle display.

This accessory is a perfect finish for your collection of bottles. Made of neutral-coloured resin, the bottle display will show your guests your incredible selection and all that will remain for you will be to invite them to try your drinks.

Why buy illuminated furniture

As explained above, illuminated furniture is widely used and suitable for many occasions and events.

Whether you want to bring style to your garden, equip your office or just give yourself an unforgettable experience, you can buy illuminated furniture without hesitation.

Its functionality, practicality and elegance makes it unique in appearance and gives you much more than just furniture and lighting.

Useful tips for choosing illuminated furniture

If you are now comfortable with the idea of acquiring new illuminated furniture, here are some useful recommendations for you to make a successful choice and ensure your satisfaction with the end product.

The first and most important factor is size: if you have taken a liking to particular items of illuminated furniture, make sure that they will fit into the space allocated to them.

Consider the design: if the illuminated furniture does not fit in with your interior/exterior, you will need to look for another solution, such as reorganising the space or simply using another type of furniture.

Last but not least, prepare the budget you are willing to spend on illuminated furniture in advance, so that you can calculate exactly how much furniture you can buy.

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