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Measurement devices

Measuring devices

Measuring devices: you may have heard of them, but what do you really know about these kinds of devices?

These instruments are used to measure a wide range of physical values and are now widely used in professional and manufacturing environments and in the home.

If you are interested in purchasing measuring devices whatever their type (voltmeters, ammeters, etc.), congratulations: you have come to the right place: Elmark's Online Store.

Here we will try to give you full information about types of measuring devices, what they are used for and why you would want to buy one, along with suggestions you will find in our category.

What measuring devices are and where they are mainly used

Since the name of these devices speaks for itself, the question that remains is what exactly they measure. The measuring devices in our online store are mainly used to measure physical values.

Another reasonable question is why we would need to measure particular physical values.

Precise figures are required for scientific research and measurement, which is why researchers need precise calculations to base their results on facts rather than assumptions.

Of course, measuring instruments nowadays have a much wider range of uses and many of them can be used for purely domestic purposes, but we will discuss this further below.

Measuring devices 1 | ELMARK

Measuring devices 1 - ELMARK

Types of measuring devices

There are dozens of different types of measuring devices. But because of the nature of this category, we will only introduce you to the ones used to record physical values related to electricity.

A wattmeter is an instrument for measuring power in an electrical circuit. The unit of measurement is the Watt. Wattmeters can be used wherever you need to measure electrical circuits, including in the home.

An electric meter is a technical tool used to record the amount of electricity consumed in an electrical installation. They are widely needed as naturally the amount of power used must be recorded, whether in homes, factories, workshops, shops or other buildings.

Avoltmeter is an appliance that detects the potential difference in an electrical circuit, also known as the voltage. This device is widely used both in professional environments and for most people's household needs. A voltmeter can be used for both AC and DC measurements.

Theammeter is another extremely useful device to measure the electrical current in a circuit. The measuring unit is the ampere. Like the voltmeter, the ammeter can also be used to measure DC and AC values, but note one important difference: ammeters must be connected in series to the electrical circuit and not to the electrodes that are the source of current, as is the case with the voltmeter.

A frequency meter is a device used to measure frequency in an intermittent process. Frequency meters are most widely used by radio enthusiasts. The unit used to record frequency is called a hertz (Hz). Frequency meters can be both analogue and digital. They can be fixed or mobile. Analogue, capacitor and vibration frequency meters belong to the group of measuring devices referred to here.

As mentioned above, there are a number of other types of meters that you can learn more about by visiting our blog.

Measuring devices 2 | ELMARK

Measuring devices 2 - ELMARK

What can we use measuring devices for at home?

We should obviously not be misled by the fact that the measuring instruments described above are mainly used by professional engineers and electricians who handle them on a daily basis and use them in their work.

But this does not mean that you cannot obtain measuring devices in the home. If your next question is what you might need to use them for, read on.

Measuring devices are widely used in the home, mainly to measure particular values in the electrical system.

For example, when you buy new appliances, you can use them to check the manufacturer's power, voltage and current requirements in your electrical system. This will help you to avoid unpleasant problems such as incorrect use of the appliance.

In other situations, you can use appliances such as voltmeters and ammeters if you suspect that there is a problem in your electrical system. All you need to know is the normal voltage, power and current limits in the electrical system.

If you notice that these values exceed the limits in your system, you can call an electrician to correct the problem.

Measuring devices 3 | ELMARK

Measuring devices 3 ELMARK

Useful advice on the use of measuring instruments

Before you acquire any kind of measuring instrument, it is very important to fully understand their features and how they work.

Ask around or ask a friend, an acquaintance or a professional to explain the most basic and important things about the use of measuring instruments such as a wattmeter, a voltmeter or an ammeter.

Inexperience and lack of information in using them can have serious consequences for you, your home and your wiring.

Why obtain a measuring device

There are many reasons to have measuring devices in your home. They are frequently needed.

But even if you have not reached the point where you need to use a particular kind of measuring device, it is useful to get one to gain the required experience before you really need to use it.

A frequency meter is a good place to start, especially if you are a radio enthusiast. Detecting frequencies and understanding the way they work and move will be very useful for you.

So immerse yourself in the interesting world of physical values and gain a better understanding of how measuring devices work. Of course, the next level is to acquire something more serious, like an ammeter or a voltmeter.

Explore the range of products in this category prepared specially for you by Elmark and you will be able to acquire a quality device that will serve you for many years to come.

Measuring devices 4 | ELMARK

Measuring devices 4 - ELMARK

Measuring devices

What measuring devices are and where they are mainly used

Types of measuring devices

What can we use measuring devices for at home

Useful advice on the use of measuring instruments

Why obtain a measuring device

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