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Bathroom fans


Reliable bathroom ventilation is extremely important not only for removing steam from bathing, but also for preventing the most common consequences of humidity: condensation, mould, unpleasant smells, etc. Bathrooms without windows or with limited ventilation are a particular problem. They need alternative ways of removing the air to bring the desired effect. The best proven solution is a bathroom fan. Fans successfully cope with condensation and unpleasant smells, help keep the interior in excellent condition and make the bathroom much more enjoyable and comfortable. A variety of fan types, models and designs are available on the market that can cater for all tastes. See below for information about the main factors and criteria for choosing a bathroom fan and some useful tips on how to install it.

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How to choose the most suitable bathroom fan

Several factors play a major part in choosing a bathroom fan. These include the power rating and design of the bathroom fan, but also optional extras such as a timer, humidity sensor, etc. More information on each of these factors is set out below:

1. Bathroom fan power rating: the power rating of individual bathroom fans available in the ELMARK product range varies from 5.5W to 30W. Which product in this category is the right choice for you mostly depends on the size of your bathroom. A fan with a flow rate of 100 cubic metres per hour is sufficient for a standard bathroom. In all cases it is advisable to read the instructions for the product that specify the size of the room for which it is designed.

2. Air replacement flow rate from the bathroom fan: the air replacement flow rate is directly related to the power characteristic mentioned above. It depends on the volume of the room and the frequency at which all the air in the room is exchanged. "Air exchange frequency" means the number of times the air in the room is completely changed in 1 hour. ELMARK fans ensure maximum efficiency in this respect and provide a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in your bathroom.

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3. Bathroom fan design: it is always desirable for the fan to fit in well with the interior and atmosphere of your bathroom and to look normal and natural so that you will not want to try to hide or mask it. At ELMARK we offer a wide range of colours and designs for bathroom fans. With our range of fans you can make varied and stylish combinations and further enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

4. Bathroom fan noise level: a noisy fan can be annoying and uncomfortable to anyone who has to stay a little longer in the bathroom. ELMARK bathroom fans will certainly not give you such unpleasant sensations. These bathroom fans operate with a relatively low noise level, mostly ranging from 33 to 43 dB. For comparison, other commonly used home appliances such as a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner, for example, produce noise levels twice as high (70 - 75 dB).  

5. Bathroom fans with adjustable brackets: the ELMARK product range includes bathroom fans with adjustable wall brackets. These fans have a wall fastening mechanism similar to that of electrical sockets. This mechanism reliably secures the appliance to the wall opening. This keeps the noise levels down in the bathroom when your fan is working, as it is firmly fixed. If you are looking specially for a bathroom fan with added adjustable brackets, we recommend the AF-Ø100V fan with a flap valve that will meet your requirements in full.

6. Bathroom Fans with flap valves: you will probably find ELMARK's flap valve ventilators important as they prevent smells passing from the air duct back into your bathroom or toilet. This will ensure a fresh, comfortable and pleasant feeling when you enter the bathroom.   

Which accessories can be combined with the bathroom fan? 

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Along with the bathroom fan you will need other accessories that will complement the appearance and functionality of the ventilation system. These accessories include universal reductors, ventilation grills, air conduits and anemostat diffusers. See below for information about the benefits and advantages of these accessories and reasons to combine them with your ELMARK bathroom fan.

- universal reductor: the first bathroom fan accessory that we will pay attention to is the universal reductor. What exactly is this accessory for? Accessories in this category are generally used for appliances and machines from a wide range of industries such as machine building, chemicals, food processing, etc. But reductors are also used in some of the most common household appliances such as bathroom fans. They are used for fitting the appliance onto a larger or smaller air conduit. With a universal reductor, your bathroom fan can be inserted without any problem in the opening provided.

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- Ventilation grilles: as an accessory to the bathroom fan, ventilation grilles are the natural end of the ventilation pathway. They are also decorative and help improve the overall appearance of the room. The ELMARK catalogue has a variety of colours and designs for grilles to meet every taste and preference.  

- air conduits: these are an integral part of the ventilation system through which foul air and unpleasant smells are removed. They also have to be purchased separately from the fan, which is why they are considered among the required bathroom accessories. Air conduits available on the ELMARK website are made of 99.5% aluminium, which gives them the required hardness, reliability and durability and ensures that their essential features and characteristics are preserved over a long period. In addition, they are highly versatile in terms of the location and method used for fitting them and their individual parts can be joined together at a number of different angles.   

Bathroom fan mounting tips

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When you have found out how to choose the right fan for your bathroom and the basic accessories that you should buy with it, here are some tips on how to fit the bathroom fan. These tips are related to the choice of location for the fan and to some peculiarities and important considerations for fitting it. Here is what you need to know about fitting the bathroom fan:

- select the location: before you start fitting the fan, think about which part of the bathroom would be most suitable for it. For maximum protection against moisture, mould and unpleasant smells, choose a place at approximately the same distance from the shower and the toilet. Also keep in mind the size of the room. In larger bathrooms you may need two fans to ensure the air exchange rate you need.

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- connect the bathroom fan: before connecting the fan, make sure to disconnect the power supply to ensure your physical safety. In general, connecting the bathroom fan is not particularly complicated. Precise instructions are always given in the manual prepared by the manufacturer. However, if any problem or difficulty still occurs, you can contact ELMARK specialists for help and advice.

- stability: this is a very important factor for fitting a bathroom fan and, in general, for all activities related to the ventilation system. Ensure stability when connecting the bathroom fan to the air conduit and when connecting the conduit to the vent. Make sure that the latter connection does not allow steam through. Everything should be planned carefully in advance when fitting the bathroom fan so that no corrections and corrections are needed later. ELMARK bathroom fans with and Easy Mount function have adjustable clamps which will also help you ensure a stable and secure fastening in the wall opening.

- final check: finally ensure that everything is in order with the newly installed bathroom fan. Or, in other words, turn on the power supply and try out the operation of your new fan. This will ensure that you have fitted it properly and from now on you will enjoy a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.

At ELMARK we will help you not only to choose the right bathroom fan for your needs, but also with fitting and maintaining it. Check out our assortment of bathroom fans and, if necessary, contact our specialists immediately to answer all of your questions.

Bathroom fans

How to choose the most suitable bathroom fan

Which accessories can be combined with the bathroom fan?

Bathroom fan mounting tips


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