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Smart home

You come home in the evening after a tiring and busy day and you find everything in your home just how you want it to be. You take your shoes off without problems because the lights are already on. You sit on your favourite sofa in the living room and the whole room is preheated and cosy. Right at that moment the light is muted to let you relax and have a complete and enjoyable rest ... No, it's not a picture from the future or a romantic film. It’s what your house or apartment could be like with the Smart Home concept for finding smart solutions that bring maximum comfort and convenience to your everyday life. See below for information about which smart home appliances can fully transform the environment you live in.

Smart home 1

Smart home - 1

Smart home products: basic features

With Smart Home products you can control the main systems in your house or apartment faster, easier and more efficiently. Smart Home lets you control the light and its parameters and the temperature and humidity and monitor electricity consumption without you even being physically present in the room. Here are the main functions of the smart home appliances in the ELMARK catalogue:
1. Smart Home eliminates the need for a lot of cables. This is one of the major benefits of Smart Home concept appliances. Imagine how much better your rooms will look without all the power supply and other cables that accumulate, or how easily and conveniently you will be able to control your home lighting with just one device that you can carry in your pocket. Smart Home makes all this possible. Even the simplest devices such as a single channel, 2-channel or 3-channel receiver turn the lights on and off automatically. The Smart Home section also has a lampholder-shaped receiver in which you can insert light bulbs and eliminate the need for cables.

Smart home 2

Smart home - 2

2. Smart Home controls light settings and functions. All basic light functions can be controlled automatically with Smart Home: switching on and off, dimming and pre-setting and running programmes using the timer function. These are controlled using the SMART single channel and four-channel receivers available in the Smart Home category in the ELMARK catalogue. These Smart Home concept receivers can be operated in three ways: by key, by remote control or by an Android or iOS app. They are available in a 12-36 V low voltage range or 220 volts. If you choose the four channel receiver you will get additional benefits in addition to the option to control multiple light sources at the same time. This Smart Home device has options for mixing colours, setting up multiple programmes and creating different lighting effects.

Smart home 3

Smart home - 3

3. Smart Home takes control from anywhere in the world. With Smart Home products you can now control the lighting in your house or apartment from virtually anywhere in the world in real time. You can share this Smart Home feature with other family members so that the unit is controlled by more than one person. One of the most suitable devices for these purposes is the Smart WiFi Touch Panel. How does this Smart Home concept panel work? The light control switch is connected to the WiFi network. Then you can carry out all lighting-related functions (switching on and off, setting timers) even if you are not at home with the Smart Home unit. You can do this with your phone by installing the e-We Link application available for Android and Apple.

Smart home - автоматично управление

4. Smart Home Controls Humidity and Temperature. The Smart Home concept caters not only for automatically controlling all lighting and home lighting functions but also humidity and temperature. To do this, you need the SMART WiFi Humidity and Temperature Controller available in the Smart Home category in the ELMARK catalogue. This Smart Home appliance lets you remotely monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels in a room. This Smart Home function is particularly useful for both home and industry. If you have small children at home or need special storage conditions for different products (wine, grains, fruits and vegetables), the controller will do an excellent job. To make full use of its features, you have to get a temperature and humidity sensor, also available in our Smart Home section. In addition, the Smart Home category has a moisture-proof sensor, ideal for measuring the temperature of liquids.

Smart home 5

Smart home - 4

5. Smart Home measures the electricity consumed; it is extremely useful to know how much electricity each appliance consumes in your house or apartment. This information can be obtained regularly if you buy a SMART WiFi single-channel key with power consumption control available in the Smart Home category in the ELMARK catalogue. With this Smart Home product you can measure the electricity consumed by various home appliances (boiler, stove, etc.). In addition, this smart home device provides reports on the measured value on a weekly and monthly basis. Depending on the results, you will be able to determine when to operate and when to stop an appliance. As with the other Smart Home products listed below, you will of course have the option to turn the selected devices on and off automatically via the controller.

Smart home 6

Smart home - контрол над електричеството

6. With the Smart Home concept, you can control electricity centrally in your house or apartment. This Smart Home function can only be achieved on a single device. The SMART WiFi four-channel DIN rail device is one of the most interesting suggestions in the Smart Home category in the ELMARK catalogue. It is designed to be built into an electrical switchboard to control multiple channels from anywhere in the world. With this smart home device, you can manage the operation of all parts of your home electrical system no matter where you are at any given time.

Smart home 7

Smart home - 5

7. Smart Home uses voice commands for control purposes. Many Smart Home devices are compatible with popular Google Nest and Amazon Alexa Voice Commands. By combining Smart Home with these devices, you can control the lighting and its parameters and the temperature and humidity and you can monitor power consumption using voice commands. This makes it even faster, easier and more convenient to operate the Smart Home functions described here.

Smart home 8

Smart home - 6

What are the other benefits of the Smart Home concept?

The Smart Home concept, designed to deliver smart home solutions, brings major benefits to you, your house or your apartment. Protection against thieves and enhanced interior design are two Smart Home functions which should not be overlooked. For these two functions, select the appropriate Smart Home category in the ELMARK catalogue. Here is a little more information about this:
- Smart Home can simulate your presence; the risk of burglary and theft of personal property is one of the biggest concerns for modern consumers. High-risk groups include people who have to travel often and leave their house or apartment unattended. Smart Home concepts are an excellent way to protect against undesirable incidents. Smart Home can simulate your presence without you actually being there. A burglar or offender who sees the lighting on in different rooms will assume that the owners may be at home and is likely to decide to give their intended burglary a miss.

Smart home 9

Smart home - 7

- Smart Home modern design: in addition to eliminating the need for extra power supply and other cables, Smart Home products in the ELMARK catalogue merge ideally into the interior of the room. If decorative features are important for you when you choose a product from the Smart Home concept, we have the right suggestions for you. The SMART single-channel USB TOUCH dimmer is an automatic on/off switch that can also adjust the brightness of the light. But in addition it is fitted in a beautiful glass panel with a modern design that will look good in any room. In the Smart Home section you can find this dimmer with amazing functionality and appearance in a four-channel version in case you want to control multiple light sources or a multi-coloured LED strip.

Smart home 10

Smart home - 8

Choose Smart Home products in the ELMARK catalogue and bring a dose of light, convenience and comfort to your everyday life!

Smart home Smart home products: basic features

What are the other benefits of the Smart Home concept?

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