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Switches and Sockets

Why are switches and sockets so important?

In the design and appearance of the interior of a room, absolutely every item is important. Lamps, for example, are needed to provide light, the furniture makes up the overall layout and atmosphere and the appliances determine its functionality. Switches and sockets are no less important to the overall picture. They have to successfully match the rest of the interior, giving the room a harmonious and pleasant appearance. This is what the plug and socket ranges in the ElmarkStore catalogue were designed for: a range of switches and sockets, each with its own characteristics, functionality, colours and designs. See these ranges of switches and sockets below and decide which of them best suit your quality and style requirements.

Switches and sockets 1

Switches and sockets - 1

Main plug and socket ranges from the ElmarkStore catalogue

Switches and sockets in the ElmarkStore catalogue are available in several different ranges. This distribution is designed to make it as easy as possible for users to find the right products for their room in this category. Some of the switch and socket ranges are designed to a more casual and everyday standard, while others create a unique atmosphere and a sense of luxury, sophistication and class.
1. CITY range switches and sockets: the design of the CITY range of switches and sockets combines great functionality with an intimate yet stylish appearance. The mechanisms of these switches and sockets are available in two basic colours: white and champagne metallic. However, users can combine the mechanisms with decorative frames in a total of 10 colours: white, champagne, orange, yellow, green, red, blue, grey and two metallic shades (orange and burgundy). These combinations meet even the most fastidious tastes and requirements. Switches and sockets in the CITY series are compatible with all standard wall boxes available on the UK market.

Switches and sockets 2

Switches and sockets - 2

2. LECCE range switches and sockets: if you want your room to have a traditional Italian character, atmosphere and feel, we strongly recommend the LECCE range of switches and sockets. This focuses on exquisite style and modern design through a wide range of home and office solutions. The mechanisms of the LECCE series are available in 2 basic colours: white and black; frames are available in a total of 11 shades: white, blue, silver grey, gold, classic and matt graphite, champagne, green, onyx and cherry. The wide selection of 24 plug and socket functions will meet the needs and preferences of every user and the features of the room. It is important to note that the LECCE range of switches and sockets requires standard Italian wall boxes.

Switches and sockets 3

Switches and sockets - 3

3. RHYME range switches and sockets: the delicate and warm colours of the RHYME range of switches and sockets lend a clean and modern design to every room. This is the only entirely metallic ElmarkStore range. You can choose from white, graphite metallic, gold, coffee, metallic grey and champagne. The RHYME range has a variety of mechanisms to meet your needs and requirements. It can be combined with different decorative frames with up to 6 modules. A key advantage of RHYME range switches and sockets is their compatibility with all standard plaster and plasterboard boxes for the Bulgarian market. In addition, they can be quickly and easily installed and have a stylish and aesthetic design.

Switches and sockets 4

Switches and sockets - 4

4. SPLENDOR range switches and sockets: The SPLENDOR range offers plug and socket mechanisms in two basic colours: white and graphite, along with 5 colour ideas for frames: white, silver grey, pear, cherry and dark graphite. Coupling different mechanisms and frames creates appropriate combinations for every room in your home. The high quality and efficient SPLENDOR range switches and sockets can be easily fitted using standard wall boxes and a stylish design.

Switches and sockets 5

Switches and sockets - 5

5. BASIC range switches and sockets: BASIC range switches and sockets have a simple, clean design and are available in a wide range of colours. You can find switches and sockets in white and products in more intense colours. The BASIC range offers numerous switches and sockets with a variety of applications such as dimmers, single and double switches, staircase lighting switches, telephone sockets, lid sockets and more.

Switches and sockets 6

Switches and sockets - 6

6. LIFE STYLE range switches and sockets: ElmarkStore's LIFE STYLE switches and sockets are available in a range of colours and practical solutions for home and office. Like the LECCE range, LIFE STYLE introduces an Italian flavour to the interior of the room and requires standard Italian wall boxes. The LIFE STYLE range has white and black mechanisms that can easily be combined with frames of different colours: white, silver grey, chrome, yellow, pear, gold, burgundy, cherry, dark grey, green and dark and light grey. The option of various combinations of mechanisms and switch and socket frames makes this range suitable for any room and design.

Switches and sockets 7

Switches and sockets - 7

7. Waterproof switches and sockets: In the ElmarkStore product range you will find high-quality and reliable interior switches and sockets. Open-mounted switches and sockets are intended for rooms where they cannot be fitted in a wall box. A suitable option is also available for those who do not want to get involved in additional redecorating and annoying cables anywhere in their room. These cables can be placed in special single, double or triple cable duct mounting frames. Similar frames for installing cable ducts can also be found in the ElmarkStore catalogue. We also have outdoor switches and sockets. Waterproof switches and sockets are used in wet rooms, gardens, gazebos, caravans, sheds, garages and other places where ordinary ones cannot be fitted. All of our outdoor products have moisture and dust protection that ensures that they can operate without fail.

Put your trust in the quality of ElmarkStore and select the best offers from the "Switches and Sockets" category for you and your home.

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Why are switches and sockets so important?

Main plug and socket ranges from the ElmarkStore catalogue

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