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Facade lighting

LED facade lighting

LED facade lighting has become an indispensable part of the appearance, design and identity of today's buildings and estates.

It is virtually impossible to imagine a glitzy modern building or an architectural feature that is not illuminated from outside. There are many reasons for this, each with its own rationale.

As a manufacturer and distributor of LED facade lighting, we at Elmark definitely have something to say about this.

In this text we will introduce you to LED facade lighting, its main uses, the different types of lighting, its advantages and other useful advice for those interested in buying it.

What is LED facade lighting and where is it used?

LED facade lighting is the illumination we see in front of all kinds of massive buildings, offices, architectural monuments, government institutions, houses, villas and even apartment blocks.

Does facade lighting have to be LED? No, but nowadays due to the practicality, accessibility and lower electric power consumption of LED lighting, LED facade lighting has become preferable for buildings as a replacement for conventional façade lighting.

Although LED facade lighting is mostly used for illuminating massive buildings and monuments, this is far from their only use.

LED facade lighting can be bought by anyone who wishes to light their property, whether a house, villa or any other type of private building.

It is not uncommon nowadays to see facade lighting on residential apartment blocks, especially if they are newly built.

Apart from pure aesthetics, lighting a building has a practical benefit: well-lit properties are a less favoured target for malicious persons and thieves. Combined with quality security cameras, it will make your house considerably more secure.

Advantages of LED façade lighting over conventional façade lighting

As mentioned above, there are other types of facade lights besides LED lights. Conventional facade lighting uses halogen spotlights, but the high cost of the electricity they consume, combined with their shorter service life, makes them uncompetitive in comparison with the new LED technology.

In addition to a longer service life and lower energy consumption, the illumination from LED spotlights can be in a variety of colours and lends itself to up-to-date smart control systems.

A varied colour range and light images in different shapes and characters also increase the variability of LED facade lighting, with more interesting and creative results that give style and life to most illuminated buildings. This has proved extremely useful and attractive for setting buildings apart with their design. Such LED façade lighting is most commonly used by hotels, shops, shopping centres, restaurants, banks, business buildings and many others.

It is also important to mention the energy savings from LED lighting in addition to the innovativeness of LEDs themselves.

To achieve truly cost-effective LED lighting, a dedicated smart system must be designed to control all the lighting and take factors into account such as external conditions, hours of the day and special occasions, in order to achieve efficient results in terms of total electricity consumption.

We would also like to add a few words about the effectiveness of LED facade lighting itself. To achieve this, several conditions must be met apart from placing it in front of the building to be lit.

A number of things need to be planned when installing LED facade lighting, including moisture protection, lighting direction, resistance to temperature, colour temperature and a suitable illumination angle to highlight the most important parts of a building and make it stand out from the others.

Types of LED facade lighting

There are many types of LED façade lighting units, each designed to highlight the front of the building in the best possible way. However, it is up to you to decide which type of LED façade lighting best fits your house or the building for which it is intended.

In the Elmark online store there are several main types of LED façade lighting: LED spotlights, facade lights and facade wall lights.

These three main façade lighting fixtures are further subdivided into different types, the most diverse being façade lights.

In our online store alone, you can choose from 19 different types of LED façade lights, each with its own unique appearance and incredible design.

In addition, you have a great choice of spotlights and façade wall lights that we believe will meet any requirement or demand.

LED facade lighting is also distinctive in several other ways, including its mounting, the material of which the unit are made and the colour of the housing.

Façade lighting is available for mounting either on walls or ceilings. With regard to materials, you can choose LED facade lighting made of polymer, plastic, aluminium and glass.

The colour range of our products also gives you more choice. You can choose white, grey, dark grey, black and antique bronze lights.

Is LED facade lighting expensive or is that just a myth?

Many people cast doubt on the use of LED façade lighting due to its cost.

Although LED lights for façade lighting at first seem more expensive (although not outrageously so) than a halogen spotlight for example, operating them in the long term will cost you far less and will fully justify investing in them.

Since its appearance on the market in our country, LED technology has introduced an innovative approach to lighting due to its higher energy savings and longer bulb life.

Since then things have only improved and today's LEDs are so energy-efficient that at some point you will wonder whether you even have electricity bills to pay at all.

In addition to the fact that LED façade lighting is cheaper in terms of electricity consumption, it also has a longer service life.

Whereas with conventional lighting you need new bulbs after 10,000 operating hours, note that LED lighting only begins to lose its energy efficiency after 50,000 hours. For it to stop working completely, you will have to wait even longer.

Now that you know all this, you can answer your own question on whether LED façade lighting is expensive.

What to keep in mind when purchasing LED façade lighting

If you are already firmly convinced about purchasing LED façade lighting, another important thing to bear in mind is its installation, or more precisely the direction of the lighting.

This is extremely important, as even high-quality and well-chosen lighting may not have the desired effect if it is not installed and directed in the right way to enhance the best of the building.

Consult a specialist who can best assess the angle at which the façade lighting should be aimed so that the building's strengths stand out the most.

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