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LED Profiles

LED profiles

LED profiles are a very useful and important component of interior home LED illumination.

Perhaps not everyone is fully familiar with the uses and features of LED profiles. This is understandable: most people have had no direct contact with them and have not seen what they are used for.

At the Elmark Online Store we intend to give you a more detailed overview of the functions of LED profiles, their varieties and number of reasons we believe will justify purchasing LED profiles for your home.

What LED profiles are

LED profiles are panels for fitting and lighting a particular part of your home.

They are usually mounted in ceilings and can be fitted with other LED lights such as strip lighting or spotlights.

There are also LED profile models with the light source included and no additional lights need to be incorporated into them, although this still remains an option.

LED profiles are a great, innovative LED lighting option for your home.

Primary function of LED profiles

As already mentioned, LED profiles are for mounting on the ceiling so that additional LED lights such as spotlights or strip lights can be added to them.

They are also attractive and add a great style to your home interior. Many designers use this solution for interior decorating.

Last but not least, LED profiles also have the very practical function of removing the heat from the LED strips and modules installed in them, increasing their service life many times over.

Different types of LED profiles

There are several different types of LED profiles and if you intend to acquire one, you should be familiar with their variations.

The first variable characteristic of LED profiles is the way they are mounted. They can be open-mounted or embedded.

Our online store also has several useful products to make it easier to install LED profiles.

These products include an internal corner piece for LED profiles, an L-shaped corner piece which can be either open-mounted or embedded and a straight link for LED profiles.

LED profiles themselves also differ in several other factors that often remain unnoticed.

All LED profiles have different technical characteristics that will determine what kind of LED strip lighting you can fit in them.

Characteristics to look out for include:

  • Rated voltage;
  • Power rating;
  • Degree of protection;
  • Colour temperature;
  • Luminous flux;
  • Overall size.

For example, in our online store you will find LED profiles rated at 12 to 64 watts with a luminous flux of 1140 to 6080 lumens. You can find out about the other differences in the products in this category.

Note that you can purchase LED profiles in several different colours, basically black, white and grey. Another important factor is the material from which most LED profiles are made, i.e. aluminium.

But another type of LED profile should be mentioned.

This is our LED TRITON profile model. It has a unique housing and exposed diodes that disperse light in an innovative way. It is rated at 60W. Its luminous flux is 7680 lumens and the service life of the lamp is 5000 hours.

How LED profiles contribute to home lighting

LED profiles and strip lighting are an increasingly popular home lighting choice.

There are many reasons for this. We will point some of them out so that you can decide whether purchasing LED profiles will meet your needs and expectations.

To begin with, LED lighting has a number of advantages over other lights.

It is energy-saving: your electricity bills will shrink considerably just due to the fact that you are using LED lighting.

It has a longer service life than other lighting units such as incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lights.

Last but not least, LED units emit light that is much easier on the eyes. This also has an impact in the long term.

What distinguishes LED strip lighting from other types is its virtually unlimited lighting options.

With other LEDs, you are limited by the number of lamps, the size of the unit and a number of other factors.

For LED strips, the length depends solely on you. You can light the entire ceiling or wall if you wish.

LED profiles are secure and stable units in which to place these strips.

In addition, LED profile diffusers propagate the luminous flux much better than if the strips were mounted on their own.

Also consider the purely aesthetic benefits of using LED profiles. They are really stylish and we are willing to bet that none of your guests or visitors will pass them by without noticing them.

LED profiles give a cosy, modern look and feel to your interior furniture and lighting, which we could only dream about in the past.

Several reasons to opt for Elmark LED profiles

If we have convinced you that LED profiles are worth the investment, here are the reasons why you should acquire them from the Elmark online store.

You may have already noticed that we offer a wide range of LED profiles to our customers, but that is not all. We also offer a great opportunity to buy absolutely everything you will need in terms of this kind of lighting: LED profiles, corner profiles, hanging mountings and even the LED strips themselves, which you can also find in our online store.

We always provide the quality you expect, which comes with every product produced and branded with the Elmark logo.

Last but not least, the price you will find in our category fully corresponds to the high level of quality to which our products are manufactured.

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