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All products in ELMARK TRADE LTD. website store have a legal guarantee under the current low and trade policy of the store. The products are brand new in an original package. The warranty of any products can be checked on the products webpage.

The customer can not use the warranty in the following cases:
- In an attempt to repair the product
- Damage because of incorrect exploitation
- Spoiling the integrity of the product
- Lost a purchase document (receipt or invoice)
- Lost warranty card
- The warranty does not cover damage from: moisture, flood, fire, natural disaster, breaking, scratches, dust, burning and other incorrect actions.

The warranty does not cover the components of the products with limited warranty life: batteries, supplies and e.t.

In case when the product comes with a warranty card, the entries warranty is correct. Otherwise the valid warranty is on the products page.

If any failures in the outer appearance of the products occur during the shipping, the customer shall contact the courier company for a damaged shipment.

Register your purchase of an ELMARK product within 14 days of purchase and take an EXTENDED WARRANTY up to 7 years.

Find out how and for which products you can get an extended warranty or register your purchase here: elmarkholding.eu

If you have any questions, please contact us on +359 52 57 55 77 or email us at en-orders@elmarkstore.eu



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